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Adara Ecolife Mattress

Adara Ecolife Mattress

  • Acolchado de fibras sostenibles a partir de hilo E*POLYCOT
  • Tejido Ecolife compuesto de algodón y poliéster reciclado
  • Reducción de la huella climática al utilizar componentes reciclados
  • Uso de poliéster reciclado para contribuir en la limpieza de los océanos
  • Firmeza alta muy acogedora gracias a su combinación excepcional de materiales
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  • 36 months warranty.
  • Direct from factory in Spain

Do you want to be part of the change? At Adara Home, we want Earth to be a sustainable planet full of life and color, which is why we have designed our Ecolife mattresses line.

If you're looking for a sustainable, firm, and restorative rest, you'll find it in the New Adara Ecolife Mattress. Don't wait any longer to enjoy its 100% sustainable E*POLYCOT fabric, its great firmness, its prominent SuperSoft layer, and its incredible Articulated high-density HR core.

Adara Ecolife Mattress
Adara Ecolife Mattress
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  • This mattress offers us high firmness thanks to its Articulated high-density HR core. Despite its firm core, its sleeping surface has a soft feel due to its Supersoft layer and its padding made from sustainable fibers using E*POLYCOT thread (50% recycled cotton + 50% recycled polyester).
  • Total height of 26 cm +/- 2 cm.
  • Quilting on side 1 (EcoLife fabric, the side you sleep on): EcoLife Fabric + 300g density Fiber
  • Quilting on side 2 (Strech 3D fabric, the side you don't sleep on): Strech 3D Fabric + 1 cm thick Foam
  • Single-sided mattress, the side meant for sleeping is side 1, which features EcoLife fabric and the Supersoft layer. This is the most comfortable, natural, and breathable side.
  • Articulated HR foam core, combined with a Premium Supersoft layer. This makes it a mattress designed for articulation and provides great comfort.
  • Vacuum-packed for optimal convenience during transportation.
  • Requires three hours to regain its shape after unpacking.
  • The compatible supports for this mattress are: adjustable bed base, upholstered base, storage bed, and slatted bed base. If an adjustable bed base is not needed, Adara Home recommends the upholstered base as the firmest and most durable support type.


At Adara Home, we are very clear that sustainability can be combined with comfort and fair pricing. As manufacturers, we can achieve this while also offering sleepers different options to meet their rest preferences.

The New Adara Ecolife Mattress is designed for sustainable sleepers who require a lot of firmness and/or articulation support.

On one hand, its high-density Articulated HR core provides us with high firmness. On the other hand, its Ecolife fabric brings us sustainability thanks to its composition of recycled cotton and polyester. The result: firm and sustainable comfort!


The Ecolife E*POLYCOT fabric is a 100% recycled fabric that helps reduce the climate footprint.

Why is E*POLYCOT fabric sustainable? The key lies in its composition: 50% recycled cotton and 50% recycled polyester.

The recycled polyester used to create this type of fabric comes from waste found in the sea, so not only do we repurpose plastic, but we also contribute to ocean cleanup.

Important note: Every year, over 100,000 marine animals die due to the presence of plastics in the ocean. Let's make a change, let's reduce plastic in the sea for the sake of life. By cleaning the ocean, we all win.


Cover 1:
• 100% Sustainable Quilting: Ecolife E*POLYCOT Fabric made of 50% Recycled Cotton and 50% Recycled Polyester (obtained from waste collected from the sea) + 300g Recycled Fiber thickness

Cover 2:
• 3D Strech Fabric Quilting + 1cm thick Foam

• Premium Upholstery Fabric 100% Polyester 
• 300g Fiber thickness


• High-Density Articulated HR Foam + 4cm thick Premium SuperSoft Layer


The Adara Ecolife Mattress offers us a highly cozy high firmness, thanks to its exceptional combination of materials. On one hand, its high-density Articulated HR core provides a lot of firmness, but at the same time, we have comfort due to its SuperSoft layer, and softness thanks to the recycled cotton present in its padding.


  1. Tejido Ecolife E*Polycot

    Acolchado 100 % Sostenible: 50% Algodón reciclado y 50% Poliéster reciclado + Fibra reciclada de 300gr de grosor



  4. Tejido Strech con espuma

    Tapa con acolchado de Tejido Strech 3D + Espuma de 1cm de grosor. Lateral de tejido de tapicería Premium 100% Poliéster y Fibra de 300gr de grosor


Selecciona Pepper como método de pago y de forma rápida y sencilla podrás finalizar tu compra sin tramites ni documentación. ¡En 2 minutos estará todo listo!

PEPPER FINANCE CORPORATION, S.L.U. CIF: B86961612. Calle Juan Esplandiú, 13, Madrid 28007.
  • Direct from our factory in EU

  • From our factory to your home in about a week

  • Reduced carbon shipments

  • Use of recycled packaging

In-house production

At Adara Home we know every detail of our products thanks to the fact that we have been designing and manufacturing mattresses in our factory in Vinaroz, Castellón for more than 25 years.

We try to offer you the best quality mattress at the best possible price, without neglecting anyone in the manufacturing process. Neither people nor the environment.

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We manufacture our mattresses to order on the day and roll them up on the spot. In this way we manage to reduce the carbon footprint of each order without altering the properties of the mattress. More boxes in less space = more efficient shipments.

By not having intermediaries, we save on margins and reduce our carbon footprint as the mattresses are delivered directly from the factory to your home without intermediaries.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Yolexis Palmero
Colchón muy cómodo

Desde el primer día dormí mucho mejor, la firmeza y comodidad son perfectas para mí. Me suelen gustar los colchones de firmeza alta.Los materiales se ven de calidad.

Javier Pérez
Buena firmeza

Este colchón tiene una firmeza excelente. Me encantará. Para mí, es la elección perfecta.

Luis Torres
Muy recomendable

Compré este colchón con ciertas dudas, pero fue probarlo y desde la primera noche he dormido super bien. Muy recomendable

Isabel López
Mejor descanso

Desde que tengo el Colchón Adara Ecolife, mi descanso ha mejorado notablemente. La firmeza es perfecta

María Sánchez
Buen colchón en general


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