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New Vintage Pocketsprung Mattress

New Vintage Pocketsprung Mattress

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Looking for the most natural comfort? We present to you our top-range product: The New Vintage Pocket Spring Mattress.

Don't wait any longer to enjoy the SUPER comfort offered by its eco-friendly materials: padding composed of 100% natural Merino Wool fiber, Viscose + Cotton fabric, and its pocket spring core made from recycled tempered steel.

New Vintage Pocketsprung Mattress
New Vintage Pocketsprung Mattress
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  • Luxury ecological mattress composed of natural fibers and pocketed pocketSac springs, which provide progressive and individual firmness, resulting in high bed independence.
  • Total height of 30 cm. +/- 2 cm.
  • 4 cm SuperSoft padding + Cotton + 400g thick Wool. All wrapped in natural Viscose fabric.
  • Reversible mattress, both sides are identical (same padding and same fabric).
  • Bed independence guaranteed by its pocketSac system.
  • Side panel with Jacquard fabric made of Cotton + Viscose + Polyester.
  • Antibacterial treatment against allergens and dirt.
  • Vacuum-packed for optimal comfort during transportation.
  • Requires three hours to regain its shape after opening.
  • Using a upholstered base is recommended with this mattress.


Because resting on an ecological and natural mattress shouldn't be an unattainable luxury, as manufacturers, we can offer it at a fair price, without intermediaries.


Made from merino wool, a type of wool that comes from the merino sheep.

An ancient breed of sheep that has evolved to survive in extremely harsh environments through their super-insulated fleece.

Merino sheep have developed a super-thick yet lightweight fleece that allows them to survive in frigid climates without overheating under the sun.

This incredible sheep originates from the mountains of New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Turkey, and Italy, where they need their fleece to stay warm but also light enough to enable them to move around.


Harvested completely by hand, preserving the purity of each fiber and ensuring that none are damaged in the process.

Organic cotton has been cultivated using natural seeds, and no pesticides or other harmful chemicals are employed in its growth. Pests are controlled by the use of other insects that eliminate them. As a result, organic cotton is presented as a healthier alternative for the skin.


Top 1 and Top 2 identical:

  • Jacquard Fabric: 65% Viscose and 35% Polyester
  • Quilting with 100% natural fiber: 400g thickness of virgin Merino sheep Wool + 3cm of Supersoft material


  • Jacquard Fabric: 78% Viscose + 11% Cotton + 11% Polyester
  • 300g thickness Fiber


  • High-quality pocket springs made from Recycled Tempered Steel


This mattress is capable of providing progressive firmness thanks to its pocket spring core, which has a system of springs that work individually to adapt to the weight and movements of the sleeper.


The New Vintage Pocket Spring Mattress is shipped rolled up and vacuum-sealed for much more convenient transportation. Upon receiving it, you just need to open it and wait for 3 hours before using it until it regains its original shape.


Does Merino Wool give off heat? NO, 100% Merino Wool is thermoregulating, suitable for temperatures below 0 and up to 40 °C. The secret lies in the hygroscopic nature of the merino wool fibers, which reduce moisture and therefore regulate body temperature. That's why they keep us cool in summer, as they absorb moisture from the body and store it temporarily inside their fibers, while the surface remains dry.

Another great advantage of merino wool is that by removing moisture from the body, it reduces sweating, preventing unpleasant odors.

We could spend hours listing the properties of Merino Wool: it's not itchy, biodegradable, thermoregulating (providing coolness in summer and warmth in winter), repels odors, is antibacterial, flame retardant, doesn't produce static, etc.

Will an eco-friendly mattress be less durable? Not at all! Its natural materials will not degrade faster than synthetic ones, quite the opposite. Natural materials are stable and occur in nature spontaneously and outdoors, which makes them resilient to environmental changes: temperature and humidity variations, air oxidation, bacterial attacks, etc.

Why is the New Vintage Pocket Spring Mattress considered top-tier? Because it's made from the finest naturally sourced materials and its structure achieves a perfect balance of firmness and adaptability. These two factors make it our most comfortable mattress model.


Selecciona Pepper como método de pago y de forma rápida y sencilla podrás finalizar tu compra sin tramites ni documentación. ¡En 2 minutos estará todo listo!

PEPPER FINANCE CORPORATION, S.L.U. CIF: B86961612. Calle Juan Esplandiú, 13, Madrid 28007. https://www.pepperfinance.es
  • Direct from our factory in EU

  • From our factory to your home in about a week

  • Reduced carbon shipments

  • Use of recycled packaging

In-house production

At Adara Home we know every detail of our products thanks to the fact that we have been designing and manufacturing mattresses in our factory in Vinaroz, Castellón for more than 25 years.

We try to offer you the best quality mattress at the best possible price, without neglecting anyone in the manufacturing process. Neither people nor the environment.

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We manufacture our mattresses to order on the day and roll them up on the spot. In this way we manage to reduce the carbon footprint of each order without altering the properties of the mattress. More boxes in less space = more efficient shipments.

By not having intermediaries, we save on margins and reduce our carbon footprint as the mattresses are delivered directly from the factory to your home without intermediaries.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Laura Alich

Very nice quality, I am happy with the mattress. I am now considering replacing other mattresses at home.

Cristian Andres Hoffmann

Una gran compra. En nuestro caso ha sido en la medida 180x200 y la verdad que es perfecto. La fineza que buscábamos. Envío rápido y el colchón llegó enrolado, y en perfecto estado. A las pocas horas había recuperado completamente su forma original.

angelica maria zambrano argotty

Inmejorable...unn colchón mega cómodo firmeza media alta..mi hijo con 80 kg por fin duerme en la gloria..todo un acierto en confort y calidad. Y el envío súper rápido.

Carmelo Manzanares Andreu
Lo que es bueno para mi , también lo es para mis hijos

He encontrado en estos colchones un producto de calidad ha un precio muy ajustado.

Adrian Paniti
Buena compra

Por despertar por la mañana con dolor de spalda decidí cambiar el colchón opté por este new vintage la verdad que no me arrepiento lo tengo desde 2 meses y todo es como se presenta muy bueno tengo un descanso de maravilla y la entrega muy rápida Gracias adrara home

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