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New Pandora Memory Foam Mattress

New Pandora Memory Foam Mattress

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The New Pandora Viscoelastic Mattress has been specially designed to offer you maximum comfort and a restful rest. With a total height of 27 cm. +/- 2cm. It has four centimeters of Naturgel thermosensitive viscoelastic padding that adapts to the sleeper's body temperature.

It has seven rest areas without pressure points that distribute the body weight perfectly, minimizing movements at night, favoring the independence of beds and achieving the "cloud effect". Maximum comfort and rest is guaranteed!

This luxury product has been manufactured entirely with natural components and ecological Cashmere fibers. Each of its layers has been created independently with the best materials, with continuous padding in the jump and a breathable system with 3D anti-humidity for its lower area.

  • 4 cm thermosensitive memory foam Naturgel and Rest Foam fabric.
  • Total height 27 cm +/- 2cm.
  • Resilence Foam Pro-Nature molded HR core with microcellular structure and open pore, makes it a breathable and thermoregulating mattress that adapts to body temperature.
  • 7 rest areas without pressure points that provide maximum volume and correct pressure distribution, minimizing movements at night and achieving the well-known "cloud effect".
  • Each Layer is made independently.
  • Continuous padding system in jump.
  • Natural components, Cashmere ecological fibers.
  • Upper Layer: breathable Air-Fresh double layer.
  • Lower Layer: Breathable System with 3D anti-humidity.
  • Adjustable thermos adaptable to body temperature.
  • Sanitez antifungal, anti-mite and antibacterial system.
  • Very good independence of beds to avoid noticing the movements of the other sleeper.
  • Platform (sides) : Breathable 3D fabric.
  • As it does not have springs it becomes a silent mattress.
  • Vacuum rolled. Optimum comfort in transport.
  • Once opened, leave 3 hours before use.
New Pandora Memory Foam Mattress
New Pandora Memory Foam Mattress
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Thanks to its 7 rest areas without pressure points, a correct distribution of weights is guaranteed, minimizing movements at night and favoring the "cloud effect" for a deep and restful sleep.


Thanks to its coating with a 4 cm upper layer of Naturgel thermosensitive memory foam, you get a perfect adaptation to your body temperature.


Cashmere fibers come from the wool obtained from the Cashmere goat, also known as the Cashmere goat. This goat is native to the Kashmir region, located in the Himalayan mountains, which spans parts of India, Nepal, Pakistan, and China.

The wool of the Cashmere goat is considered one of the finest and softest in the world, as it is made up of thin, soft fibers that lie under the outer layer of hair.

The cashmere ecological fiber mattress has a structure that adapts to the shape of the body, providing adequate support for the spine and muscles, which will allow you to sleep comfortably and reduce muscle aches and pains. In addition, thanks to its breathable structure, this mattress will help you regulate your body temperature at night, preventing you from waking up sweating or cold.

Another of the benefits of the cashmere ecological fiber mattress is that it is hypoallergenic, which means that it does not accumulate mites or other microorganisms that can cause allergies or respiratory diseases. Therefore, if you are allergic or have respiratory problems, this mattress will be an excellent option for you.

Finally, the cashmere ecological fiber mattress is an excellent option for those seeking to care for the environment and reduce their ecological footprint. Being made with natural and renewable materials, this mattress is an environmentally friendly option, since it does not emit toxic substances or generate polluting waste.


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  • Direct from our factory in EU

  • From our factory to your home in about a week

  • Reduced carbon shipments

  • Use of recycled packaging

In-house production

At Adara Home we know every detail of our products thanks to the fact that we have been designing and manufacturing mattresses in our factory in Vinaroz, Castellón for more than 25 years.

We try to offer you the best quality mattress at the best possible price, without neglecting anyone in the manufacturing process. Neither people nor the environment.

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We manufacture our mattresses to order on the day and roll them up on the spot. In this way we manage to reduce the carbon footprint of each order without altering the properties of the mattress. More boxes in less space = more efficient shipments.

By not having intermediaries, we save on margins and reduce our carbon footprint as the mattresses are delivered directly from the factory to your home without intermediaries.

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Bruno Gonçalves

O colchão deita um cheiro intenso dos materiais de que é feito, por uns dias

Colchón visco Pandora

Muy cómodo. Realmente la relación calidad precio es muy buena.

Carlos Favá Sans
Està bien

Lo dicho antes, està bien

Gregorio Santos Ramos

Estupendo todo Saludos

Colchón Viscoelástico New Pandora

Muy satisfecha y sorprendida con la compra de Colchón Viscoelástico New Pandora 180x190
Descanso garantizado
Precio con diferencia a otras marcas y otras tiendas que publicitan"precios sin competencia "
El repartidor educado y lo subió al tercero sin ascensor y al cuarto le ayudó mi hija,ya que venía solo
Próximo colchón a la vista sin dudarlo

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